How To Holr

Quick : Easy : Efficient

Seamless Set Up 6786

Sign up on iOS or Android and start by syncing your contact list

Go Online

"Go Online" and show your contacts you are available. Also view your contacts to see who is active on Holr and ready to connect .

Time to Holr

Call your contacts that are online and utilize HolrUp's built in call timer to keep your calls timely and efficient.

Awesome Features

We keep things simple. Try our Free plan with everything you need to start using Holr.

Intutive Design
Anyone can use Holr with our easy to use and clean interface.
Import Contacts
Sync your contacts directly into the Holr app with no hassle.
Availability Monitorning
Make yourself available and know when your contacts are ready to connect.
Free Calling
Connect with the click of a button to your contacts at no cost.
Call Timer
Automatic 5 minute call timer with one minute warning.
Call Logs and Favorites
Keep the most connected at the top of your list for quick and easy accessibility.

The Problem With Traditional Calls

Whether personal or professional, current call solutions (phone, zoom, Skype, etc.) all have shortcomings. Holr is on a mission to change that and provide productive communication for everyday life.

Holr Solution: Make yourself available and see who is online and ready for a call in realtime.

Holr Solution: Keep call time limited to maximizes efficiency and gives you more time back.

Holr Solution: 5 minute call timer which automatically ends call once time is up.

Holr Solution: Allow for brief and more frequent calls to keep conversations moving.

Holr Solution: Prioritize your contacts and keep most frequent contacts at the top of your list.

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